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The Program for Philosophy and Literature at the University of Haifa

Who are we?

The Program for Philosophy and Literature is an interdisciplinary program, the first of its kind in Israeli academia. The program offers innovative collaborative courses for students who are interested in acquiring knowledge and understanding of the humanistic tradition as well as developing critical and analytical skills. The courses offered by the program allow students to explore the rich relationship between philosophy and literature; and study the interdependence and influences between these two disciplines, as well as the ancient rivalry between them. Students in the program receive close academic advising throughout their years of study; choose their own curriculum; conduct independent research; and participate in workshops with renowned scholars in the field from Israel and abroad. 

The Israeli Council for Higher Education and "Yad Hanadiv" Fund endowed the program and chose it as a leading program for Innovations in BA Curricula Grant in 2014. Leading scholars from international Philosophy and Literature programs at Harvard, Duke as well as other universities in Europe and the US act as academic board members for the program.

Academic Staff

Faculty members teaching in the program work on numerous facets of the interconnections between philosophy and literature – from ancient myths and literature, poetry, and cinema, to 20th century theory, and philosophy of art. Their research and pedagogy touch upon the relationship between the two fields and challenge the common disciplinary divide between them. The program's academic staff is composed of faculty members in leading programs in the faculty of the humanities: philosophy, comparative literature, and gender studies. 

Why Study at the Program for Philosophy and Literature at the University of Haifa?

Students in the program establish vast knowledge and deep understanding of the fundamental texts of Western culture and literature, while advancing their reading abilities, analytical skills and new ways of addressing issues that deal with the heart of the human condition – such as the meaning of life, memory and responsibility, language and identity.    

The program's structure prepares students for advanced degrees in the humanities as well as careers in higher education. In addition to that, studies show that alumnae of excellent programs in the humanities are attractive candidates in any job market because of their developed critical and analytical skills. As a result, such students tend to be hired for managerial positions and enjoy challenging working environments. 

The program offers ten scholarships that cover 100% of tuition fees each year. In addition to that, the program offers awards for best papers. Students in the program are directly involved in the course of their studies – they decide on everything from courses and research topics to invitations of guest lecturers and organization of workshops and conferences. 

Study Structure

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